This is the OFFICIAL Dyslexia Rocks Initiative and the Facebook page / group are the official sites!  :)


Spread happiness, love & inspiration through the simple gesture of painting rocks & "hiding" them throughout the community for people to find. This is a community-building initiative meant to inspire creativity in all ages & bring kids/families back together again in a world gone completely wild. This is for any person of any age. 

Here is how it works:

All you have to do is decorate rocks and place them outside for others to find. Ex: gas pump, park bench. 
Use Acrylic paint found in craft sections, paint markers, Sharpies, etc. It is recommended that you spray your rocks with a clear gloss spray paint when finished to help protect the paint from the weather. On the back of your artwork, we would love if you referenced "Dyslexia Rocks!" 

If you find an art rock, you can either keep the rock or re-hide the rock for someone else to find :) Please be considerate of others. If you find several rocks together, please take one and leave some for others. 

We would love it if you posted pictures of your painted rocks with the hashtag #DyslexiaRocks before you hide them, or when you find them. Everyone loves to see when their rocks are found, but please understand that not everyone has Facebook or the Internet. This is more about making someone smile than it is Facebook recognition. :)


There is a Facebook page called @DyslexiaRocksProject and a group called Dyslexia Rocks for all postings.

The goal is to get lots of people all across our county, maybe even internationally, painting so that there are lots of rocks to find out there! And, to help spread awareness of dyslexia!

This is meant to be fun for every one of all ages and abilities. Please keep your artwork and comments PG rated as kids love to look for and find the hidden rocks. 

Please only leave rocks outside (but not in grass or anywhere a mower could run over), not inside businesses. 

Remember to be respectful of private property and businesses. DO NOT take unpainted OR painted rocks from businesses, people's yards, flower beds, cemeteries etc. Also, it is illegal to get rocks from the railroad tracks.

Please don’t place rocks inside or in front of the credit/debit card readers at ATMs, gas stations, sonic etc.

Please be careful placing rocks close to businesses after hours. It’s possible to trip alarms. 

No advertising on the rocks!



Please note: As much as we would love to take credit for this idea, we cannot. We actually got the idea from other states across the United States doing this! We knew that dyslexia needed something positive, so we started it here too! Pay it forward.