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Ashley Roberts

Chontae Feldman


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Managing Directors


Our Founders and Board of Directors


Our Founders and Board of Directors


Our Founders and Board of Directors


Our Founders and Board of Directors


Managing Directors


Our Founders and Board of Directors


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Ashley Roberts, Co-Founder, Board Executive Director

Ashley is a wife, a mother and a parent advocate.  Her only child was diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia at the age of 7 and it was then that she embraced the dyslexia journey for all it was worth.  She knows that her child needs her to stand up for him and be his voice, he needs her to make sure she fights for his legal right to FAPE, and, at all costs, he needs her to protect his right to be learning different yet be himself and thrive so he can be all he can possibly imagine himself to be.

In beginning her fight for her child, Ashley felt terribly alone and did not want anyone else to feel the same way.  She also felt compelled to pay it forward, meaning, as she learned new things, develop skills, made connections, etc., that she wanted to share that information with others.  It is those desires that has brought her full circle to being a founding member for The Dyslexia Initiative.

Ashley also host her own blog, “A Mom’s Journey – My Dyslexic Life” which may be found at the following link, www.amomsjourney-mydyslexiclife.com as well as on Facebook, where she chronicles her journey through school and life, advocating for her child.


Additional information:

Ashley is a a 2nd generation Texan, on her mother’s side.  She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston in English and a MBA from Our Lady of the Lake University.  She spends most of her time strategizing, working, planning, etc., for not just her son, but all dyslexic children.

Chontae Feldman, Co-Founder, Board Operational Director

Hi, I'm Chontae. I am a dyslexic and a parent advocate for my kids. 

Growing up, I avoided things I knew I was not good at.  I received my BA in Journalism Advertising with a dash of Marketing (minor). I avoided math and science.  I hid that I had dyslexia. If people found out, they would know I was faking it and not really smart (don't get jumpy, keep reading).

I ended up working in a field that had absolutely nothing to do with my degree and was chock-full of math and science. Seriously, that's all it is.  

I am married to a wonderful man that supports me and all my crazy ideas.  I have two amazing daughters that are smart and super creative.  

It's because of my daughters that I finally researched and learned about my own dyslexia.  I was identified in second grade, and up until 2007, I had been hiding it. I was paranoid my daughter would get it and figured it was time to learn more so they would not grow up hiding it. 

Because of the path I had to take to get my girls services, I set out to help other parents.  I am not an expert or certified in advocacy, but I am a mom who advocated for her kids.  

In 2016 I started a parent support group.  Boy did that take off.  

Both of my girls are getting services and flourishing.   

I am a co-founder of The Dyslexia Initiative.  This is where I have really learned and grown.  I am on the board for my work employee resource group for people with different abilities.  I enjoy planning events, and have done so at work, as well as a dyslexia art show.  I have been a speaker at a couple of events for people with different abilities.  I am just a mom wanting to help other parents find their way.  I may not have all the answers, but I will do my best to point you to a person that could help. 

Julie McKinley, Co-Founder, Board Financial Director


Lindy Jones, Board Secretary, Event Director

Lindy Jones’ journey to The Dyslexia Initiative has been nothing short of amazing. Her challenging journey began with the adoption of her one month old son in 2006 and together they were introduced to world of dyslexia upon a late and formal diagnosis at 10 years old. From day one Lindy had introduced learning systems from her Bachelor of Arts in Education and methods from Maria Montessori to make certain that her son had every opportunity to succeed despite the rocky beginning. Having provided him these coping skills prior to the uphill battle it took to receive his official diagnosis, Lindy and her son were prepared for any challenge. Denial, disapproval, and accusations of dyslexia being a crutch for those that are lazy were just a few of the obstacles that together, Lindy and her son not only conquered, but demolished.


Lindy and her family are very proud and excited to help others with their experiences and journey with dyslexia. “The Dyslexia Initiative serving the community connects my passion for providing dyslexia awareness and bonding my community", says Lindy. “Families should never feel alone in their approach to understanding dyslexia.”


Lindy Jones has 18 years of service with event coordinating and planning, marketing and dyslexia advocacy in Collin County in a variety of capacities from volunteer to professional. She is a mother of two super hero boys, a study club coordinator, PTA member, and an active dyslexia advocate for her youngest son. Lindy is extremely excited to be part of The Dyslexia Initiative to teach children and adults the importance of volunteering and advocating for special needs.

Kristin Lindsey, Director


Elisha Kalvass, Director, Manages Community Outreach and Mentorship


Nikki Barner, Director


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