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The Parent Sessions are being led by a powerful, educated and influential group of women who were involved in the Reading First initiative in the state of California, after the National Reading Panel.  In these sessions, parents will be given information they need to know in order to help educate their own children via the science of reading.  If you are a parent, and even if you are an educator who would like to learn more, this will be an amazing opportunity to dive into the science of reading instruction.


Marvilene Hagopian

Marvilene was employed at the Reading Lions Center/California Technical Assistance Center for Reading First for 10 years. As a curriculum specialist, she directed the development and implementation of 6-week and end-of-year assessments for California’s state-adopted reading programs. The tests covered key reading components: phonemic awareness, letter naming, phonics, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, fluency and writing. School districts across California used these informative tests in English (grades K-6) and Spanish (grades K-3). She analyzed student data across schools, districts and the state.

Panel of Consultants

Teri Henning

Teri is a retired reading curriculum specialist from the Sacramento County Office of Education and elementary school teacher. Teri was a trainer, reading coach, and consultant for district administrators. She is currently tutoring children with reading disabilities.


Dr. Norma J. Baker

Dr. Baker holds the following degrees, Doctor of Education, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science – Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Science – Elementary Education.  Dr. Baker is a former District Director, Principal, Vice Principal, Literacy Coach, Teacher, Administrative Leadership Coach and Chair of CA Curriculum Commission.


Michelle Holman

Michelle is a curriculum specialist and retired elementary school teacher. She trained Los Angeles Unified School District teachers on the implementation of Open Court and Houghton Mifflin Reading Language Arts Programs.She was the Coordinator for several Reading Institutes throughout California. Michelle worked for the Reading Lions Center/California Technical Assistance Center for Reading First. She co-authored the K-6th grade Reading First assessments for both state-adopted reading programs.


Marilyn Astore

Marilyn is a retired educational consultant and former assistant superintendent at the Sacramento County Office of Education.  She was a principal, curriculum coordinator, resource teacher, mentor teacher and classroom teacher.  She was also the governor’s appointee to the California Curriculum and Supplemental Materials Commission and chair of the California Reading / Language Arts Adoption.

Roxanne Higgins

Roxanne Higgins graduated from Northern Illinois University with a major in Education .She has a Masters Degree, Early Childhood Education, and a Masters Degree in Language and Literacy from CSUS. Roxanne was Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator at the Sacramento County Office of Education. Currently Roxanne is an Adjunct Professor in the Education department at Sierra College.

Helpful Tools

Attached is a PDF entitled General American English Phonemes and Spellings.  This is a printable document that lists Consonant* Continuous Sounds & Spellings, Vowel Sounds & Spellings and Consonant Stop Sounds & Spellings.  This is an incredible reference which we hope you will find helpful.

General American English Phonemes and Spellings

Attached are printable bookmarks on the concepts of print.  Please feel free to print them off and use them in your favorite books.

Concepts of Print Bookmark


Concepts of Print Bookmark

Blue & White

Can be printed on black and white printer

Questions on the content?

At The Dyslexia Initiative we are here to serve our community.  Attached is a survey form to help us know if you have specific

questions that we can answer in our sessions, or directly with you.  If you have questions, here is the place to submit them.

Note on the below links:

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Session 1

Slide Deck For Session 1


For the 1st session, below are the suggested links: 


Session 2

Slide Deck For Session 2


Letter Writing Directions


Session 3

Slide Deck For Session 3


Session 4

Slide Deck For Session 4


Alphabet Song

with Clapping Pauses

Letter Naming Dialog

with Capital Letters

Letter Naming Dialog

with Lower Case Letters

Session 5

Slide Deck For Session 5


For the 5th session, below are the suggested links: 











  • Pre-Writing Skills Worksheets: pre-writing skills worksheets







PDF Includes the following:

How to Hold A Pencil

Pre-Writing Strokes and Shapes

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Session 6

Slide Deck For Session 6

For the 6th session, below are the suggested links: 

  • Learning and Development of Language: The First 5 Years of Life (Content is applicable no matter your home language or, should you have one, your nanny’s or caretaker’s home language:


Session 7

Slide Deck For Session 7


For the 7th session, below are the suggested links: 














Session 8

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For the 8th session, below are the suggested links: 

















Session 9

Slide Deck For Session 9

For the 9th session, below are the suggested links: 
















Session 10

Slide Deck For Session 10

For the 10th session, below are the suggested links: 


















Phonemic Awareness Skills Chart

Session 11

Slide Deck For Session 11

For the 11th session, below are the suggested links: 


Tutoring Models

Session 12

Slide Deck For Session 12

For the 12th session, below are the suggested links: