Hey there!

We are growing quickly, have lots of ideas and needs, and would love to work with volunteers.  Volunteering is a great way to contribute to a cause, help grow a movement, and even do so without having to donate a dime.

If you have a particular skill set that you might be willing to share, or would like to take more direct action, like volunteer to create a regional or state chapter, we're all ears.  

What do I mean by a particular skill to share? 


Well, for example, if you're a graphic artist extraordinaire, and you'd love to contribute to our media, events, etc., then we'd love to know you're out there.

Volunteer Group

Your skill set can be any number of things from media promotions, writer, editor, event planning, willing to help man an event because goodness knows (in non-pandemic times) that we need help with events, or any number of things, we'd just love to know you're out there and available.  

If you can help only regionally based, that's totally fine.  As we expand our reach, we will have regional needs.  If you're able to help us virtually, then that's fantastic too.

Really, anything helps, and we're so grateful you're wanting to help us spread our revolution!

Volunteer Form

The information submitted is not sold to any source, and is kept confidential.  Only the administrators for The Dyslexia Initiative will have access to the data provided and will reach out to you should assistance be needed. 


Thanks for submitting!