Why We're Here

This page is meant to serve as a resource for you.  We will have templates and other documents attached for your use.  Feel free to download what you need to assist in your advocacy for your child.


The day to day content and conversations will be housed on our Facebook page and local and regional content within our Facebook groups.  Feel free to ask questions to our page, the group for your region or in our community support group.  We love discussion and helping parents and we welcome any and all questions.  We share articles showing the latest in research and post webinars from a variety of informational sources.


Building a Community
Our primary goal is to build a community of parents for parents, for our children.  No one is an island to themselves and we want to help you so that you don't have to go through this alone.  Come be a part of our ever growing dyslexia community.  All are welcome here!

Don't Forget to Check Out the Events Page

We will be continually updating the events page so you are aware of all the great happenings in our community.  We will be sharing the events from several different resources.  We won't be able to post everything available, so please remember to follow The Dyslexia Initiative Facebook page and our groups for local area events.

Volunteer for the Revolution

Have some time or skills you can lend to our cause?  We'd love to hear from you.  Head on over to our volunteer page and let us know how you'd like to help.

Talking All Things Dyslexia

& Drinking Coffee While We Do It

Most Saturdays you can find two of our leaders live on Facebook talking various dyslexia topics.  As part of our core missing to educate and empower parents we created Dyslexia Coffee Talk to help break down barriers in the complex world that is dyslexia and advocacy.  In our unscripted live sessions, we cover a wide range of topics, and host various guests, all with the goal of empowering your personal advocacy.  We welcome topic and guests suggestions.  Simply fill out the form below to let us know what you'd like Dyslexia Coffee Talk to cover or what guests you would like to see.  If it's within our reach, we will make it happen.

Oh, and did you miss a session?  Don't worry.  It's saved on our Facebook page, available on our YouTube channel and you can listen to it on the go via Podcast.  Look in the footer for links and more info.

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