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Accommodations: Grades & Standardized Testing

Urban Skate Park

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  • Grades based on work completed

  • Grades based on progress on IEP objectives

  • Do not penalize for spelling / grammar errors

  • Portfolio assessment

  • Use rubrics and checklists

  • Pass / fail (S/U)

  • Audit

  • Base grade on ability

  • Base grade on IEP

  • Course credit

  • Grade effort plus work

  • Grade improvement

  • Modified grades

  • No handwriting penalty

STAAR (Texas Only)

For STAAR based accommodations please reference the TEA website. Accommodations are specific to STAAR and may not necessarily take your “normal” accommodations into consideration.

Opting out of STAAR (Texas Only)

It is 100% legal to opt out of STAAR, including for so-called retention years and for high school.  It is possible to graduate from high school without having taken the STAAR.  We support the Facebook group @TexansTakeActionAgainstSTAAR and @HoustonOptOut.  We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with these groups, getting involved and applying the appropriate pressure on your elected representatives.  

For further information on the "How To" of opting out, please go to  You can find all the forms you need step by step guides.  This particular site is run by the Admins behind Texans Take Action Against STAAR.

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