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Season 1

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Come on over to our Facebook page, @DyslexiaInitiative, and join our founder and host, Ashley Roberts, for a Facebook Live on Saturdays where we discuss various topics about dyslexia, remediation, advocacy, and all other kinds of fun dyslexia stuff. Hope to see you there, but know if you can't make the Facebook Live, the video will be saved on our Facebook page as well as posted to our YouTube channel.  You can subscribe to our YouTube channel, the link is in the footer of our page, of by clicking on one of the videos below, which will take you straight to our YouTube page.


Dyslexia Coffee Talk, Episode 1

Organizing Your Child's 504 / IEP Documents

Dyslexia Coffee Talk, Episode 3

Do you have to sign the IEP / 504 at the table?

Holly Terrell, Special Education Attorney

Dyslexia Coffee Talk, Episode 5

What is FAPE?

Holly Terrell, SpEd Attorney, Part 2

Dyslexia Coffee Talk: Episode 7

A Parent's Perspective on Due Process

Dyslexia Coffee Talk: Episode 9

William Van Cleave

Dyslexia Coffee Talk: Episode 11

Dr. Dale Webster

Dyslexia Coffee Talk, Episode 2

Understanding Diagnostic Scores with a Bell Curve

Dyslexia Coffee Talk, Episode 4

What is FAPE?

Holly Terrell, SpEd Attorney, Part 1

Dyslexia Coffee Talk, Episode 6

Let's Talk Endrew F. 
Holly Terrell, SpEd Attorney

Dyslexia Coffee Talk: Episode 8

Peggy Stern of SuperD!ville

Dyslexia Coffee Talk: Episode 10

Peter Wright

Dyslexia Coffee Talk: Episode 12

Carla Siravo

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