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Season 2

Traditional Library

The Parent Sessions are being led by a powerful, educated and influential group of women who were involved in the Reading First initiative in the state of California, after the National Reading Panel.  In these sessions, parents will be given information they need to know in order to help educate their own children via the science of reading.  If you are a parent, and even if you are an educator who would like to learn more, this will be an amazing opportunity to dive into the science of reading instruction.

Questions on the content?

At The Dyslexia Initiative we are here to serve our community.  Attached is a survey form to help us know if you have specific

questions that we can answer in our sessions, or directly with you.  If you have questions, here is the place to submit them.

Note on the below links:

All links below are plug ins from our YouTube channel.  If you experience any glitches please launch YouTube, link below in the footer of the page, and watch the videos there.  Additionally, you can double click the link to open directly in YouTube.

Session 13

Slide Deck For Session 13


For the 13th session, below are the suggested links: 

Session 14

Slide Deck For Session 14


For the 14th session, below are the suggested links: 

  • Evidence Based Practices:
    Foundational Skills for to Support Reading for Understanding in Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade:

Session 15

Slide Deck For Session 15


Sound/Spelling Routine Card

For the 15th session, below are the suggested links: 

  • A 2020 Perspective on research findings on alphabetics (phoneme awareness and phonics): Implications for instruction (Expanded Version). The Reading League Journal: content/uploads/2020/10/Brady-Expanded-Version-of-Alphabetics-TRLJ.pdf

Session 16

Slide Deck For Session 16


Letter Writing Directions

Writing Directions with Arrows

Introducing Sound_Spelling

Routine Cards

For the 16th session, below are the suggested links: 


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