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While dyslexia is wildly misunderstood and our current educational system continues to fail dyslexic children every single day, our long-term vision, through this resource and the community we hope to build around it, is to fundamentally change that reality, forever.


Our mission is to end the hopelessness that comes with the journey of dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Whether at the beginning of the journey or somewhere on the lifelong path, we aim to be a resource and a tool for information and empowerment. As the parent of a dyslexic child, I know how difficult our journey has been (…and frankly, it shouldn’t have been so hard!).

Dyslexia doesn’t discriminate across genders, races or languages. Dyslexia doesn’t care if you’re rich, poor or middle class. There’s nothing that dyslexia itself cares about. It is what it is and regardless of gender, race or language, we want to help.

After all, dyslexia isn’t a disability, dyslexia is a learning difference, and more importantly, is not something any dyslexic person should be ashamed of.

Let’s make this journey a simple one for families! Let’s change the world!

Our kids are the 1 in 5!



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