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Educational Values:

We value all children, in every shape, size, learning “normal”, difference or disabled.  All children, regardless of any aspect of who they are, are entitled to a quality education, at the level in which they are capable, entitled and deserve.

We believe that children are more than a test score and that there are aspects to life more important than the grades earned on a spelling test.  The human brain thinks in so many different ways, and tapping into that by changing the way our children are taught, will truly have nothing but long term benefits for our children, our societies, our countries and the world.

We believe in the whole child, not just their ability to read.  The creative mind, the problem solving mind, the poet, the scholar, the magician, the mathematician, whatever that little voice inside your head guides you to be, that is what we hope to foster through our mission.  All children deserve to be whatever they want to be, and all children deserve a proper and fair and catered education in order to get there.  And, in this belief, your heart, your soul, your sense of self, all should be protected and defended to our dying breath. 

All children deserve to be celebrated.  We don’t care if you’re homeless, poor, middle class or from the wealthiest families in the country.  All children have the right to learn.  Regardless of your “station” in life, whether or not you are learning “normal”, different or disabled, you have the right to the tools to allow you to be whatever you desire to be.  Who you come from, how much you have, where you were born, should not have one ounce of impact on your rights to a fair and positive education, catered to your needs and desires.

Educational Position:

  • We only support the Science of Literacy.

    • Explicit, Multi-sensory Structured Literacy based instruction

  • We do not support Whole Language, Balanced Literacy, LLI, etc.

  • We do not support for-profit intervention in education.

  • We do not support government intervention in education other than to uphold the standards set.

  • We do not support standardized testing.

    • Show me a standardized mind and I'll show you a standardized test.

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