Accommodations: Homework & Tests

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  • Reduce homework

  • Reduce number or length

  • Allow students to dictate answers

  • Allow typewritten homework

  • Oral responses to parents

  • Dictate answers to parents

  • Limit time spent on homework

  • Email list of assignment to student and / or parent

  • Provide written list of assignments

  • Use computer

  • Do not penalize for spelling / grammar errors

  • Allow tape recorded responses

  • Modify to student’s level or ability



  • Alternative setting

  • Extra credit options

  • Extra response time / extended time

  • Extra time – projects / extended time - projects

  • Extra time – tests / extended time - tests

  • Extra time – written work / extended time – written work

  • Hands-on projects

  • Limit multiple choice options

  • Modified tests

  • Objective tests

  • Oral tests

  • Oral response

  • Open book

  • Open notes

  • Read directions aloud

  • Read / clarify test items

  • Clarify or simplify written directions

  • Pace long-term tasks

  • Prior notice of tests

  • Provide study guide for test

  • Provide alternatives to testing (oral projects / videos)

  • Reduced reading

  • Rephrase test questions

  • Short sequenced tasks

  • Shortened tests / reduce length

  • Simplified test wording

  • Student writes on test

  • Do not penalize for spelling / grammar errors

  • Modify tests to include student products / projects

  • Allow for transferred answers

  • Return to resource room

  • Provide a quiet testing area with minimal distractions

  • Grade in collaboration with special educator

  • Multiple choice or short answer rather than essay tests


Instructions and Assignments: Testing

  • Go over directions orally

  • Permit as much time as needed to complete tests; avoid timed testing

  • Read test materials and allow oral responses

  • Separate content form mechanics / conventions grade

  • Provide typed test materials, not tests written in cursive

  • Allow student to respond on tape, with a typewriter or by dictating answers to a tutor for assignment

  • Allow tests to be taken in a room with few distractions

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