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Accommodations: Reading, Spelling, Writing

Outdoor Study Group

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  • Provide access to audio books

  • Provide access to text-to-speech software

  • Provide a set of textbooks for home use

  • Only ask the student to read aloud if he volunteers

  • Provide extra time for reading assignments

  • Provide a quiet environment for reading

  • Allow students to preview reading material


Books / Reading

  • Provide audio versions of textbooks

  • Provide audio versions of textbooks and have student follow the text while listening

  • Provide summaries of chapters

  • Use marker or highlighter to highlight important textbook sections

  • Assign peer reading buddies

  • Review vocabulary prior to reading

  • Provide preview questions

  • Use videos related to the readings

  • Provide a one-page summary and / or a review of important facts

  • Do not require student to read aloud

  • Talk through the material one-on-one after reading assignments


  • Reduce spelling lists

  • Design spelling tests with a common phonetic skill

  • Do not take off points for spelling errors on written work

  • Allow access to spellcheck

  • Provide access to word prediction software


  • Provide a scribe

  • Provide access to speech-to-text software

  • Offer alternative projects instead of written reports

  • Provide written copies of notes

  • Minimize the amount of copying from the board

  • Allow student to use a keyboard to take notes

  • Allow the student to tape record lectures

  • Reduce written work

  • Provide a letter formation strip

  • Provide graphic organizers

  • Grade assignments on content rather than form

Instructions and Assignments: Writing

  • Use worksheets that require minimal writing

  • Provide a “Designated note taker”; photocopy another student’s or teacher’s notes

  • Provide a print outline with videotapes and filmstrips

  • Allow student to use a keyboard with appropriate

  • Allow student to respond orally

  • Grade only for content not spelling or handwriting

  • Have student focus on a single aspect of writing assignment (elaboration, voice, etc.)

  • Allow student to dictate answer to essay questions

  • Reduce copying tasks

  • Reduce written homework

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