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The Dyslexia Initiative is a dynamic group that is ever expanding. 


Initially founded in Texas in late Fall of 2018, we are excited to expand our reach as we continue to grow and add more states.


We know the areas we are in because we live there!  Our kids are in the same or neighboring districts and for some of us, they've gone onto various colleges within the state.

If you'd like to be a part of The Dyslexia Initiative please reach out to or through the contact page here on our website. 


All parents are welcome to our group!  If you feel you are a dynamic leader ready to make an impact in your state, we'd love to work with you.

State specific pages may include events and mixers to help connect and further build the community.

Boy's Portrait

On Facebook:


The Dyslexia Initiative


Regional Texas Groups:

The Dyslexia Initiative: Houston, TX

The Dyslexia Initiative: Katy, Texas

State Groups:

The Dyslexia Initiative: Nebraska

The Dyslexia Initiative: Texas

Support Group:

The Dyslexia Initiative: Community Support Group

SoR Group:

The Science of Reading

Our Other Very Exciting Initiatives!

Book Tag - This is the OFFICIAL Book Tag for the dyslexia movement.  Have fun and spread the joy of literacy to as many as you can.  Remember to store the book you hide in a plastic bag to protect it from the elements.  You can post a pic of you hiding a book as well as finding one.  What an exciting way to share books and spread the freedom of literacy!

Want to join in the fun?  Click her and print out the Book Tag and start hiding!


Voices of DyslexiaWe exist to archive testimonies from the dyslexic community.  Adults, children, advocates, anyone fighting for dyslexia rights.  The testimonies will be raw and unedited. These are their voices. They may be angry, full of anxiety, sadness, or the inverse, they may be tales of great hope and success. We are not here to judge. Our role is to document, to be the witness.  Our world will not change if our voices are not heard. This is the beginning of ensuring our voices are heard, loud and clear.

And Last but Not Least...

Check out the blog from our founder

A Mom's Journey - My Dyslexic Life

On Facebook @MomsJourneyMyDyslexicLife

and on the web at

We're not just limited to Facebook!

You can find us on Twitter & Instagram at:

Twitter: @dyslexia_the

Instagram: TheDyslexiaInitiative

Pintrest: Dyslexia Initiative

YouTube: The Dyslexia Initiative


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