Accommodations: Materials, Assignments, Aids...

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Learning Aids / Resources

  • Calculator

  • Computer

  • Tape recorder

  • Augmentative / Assistive Devices / Assistive Technology

  • Use contracts for accelerated learning



  • Alternative text

  • Calculator use

  • Computer access

  • Consumable workbook

  • Large print textbook

  • Reading materials at __ grade level

  • Peer assistance with reading

  • Adult assistance with reading

  • Highlighted materials

  • Study aids / manipulatives

  • Provide notes

  • Tape record lectures

  • Provide study guides

  • Provide supplemental materials

  • Use multiple resources

  • Provide interdisciplinary curriculum opportunities

  • High-interest low reading level texts

  • Allow extra time on internet for research

  • Spell check

  • Tape recorder for lectures

  • Visuals: supplementary

  • Worksheets modified



  • Reduced assignments

  • Allow extra time

  • Oral responses

  • Limit / eliminate copying from board or book

  • Allow use of computer

  • Provide written and oral directions

  • Reduce paper / pencil tasks

  • Assign alternative activities (hands-on)

  • Provide material at higher level thinking skills

  • Independent study

  • Allow choice of interest and produce assignments of greater details / depth

  • Give alternative assignments that promote creativity (art, drama, music)

Instructions and Assignments: Directions

  • Give directions in small steps and with as few words as possible

  • Break complex direction into small steps – arrange in a vertical list format

  • Read written directions to student, then model / demonstrate

  • Accompany oral directions with visual clues

  • Use both oral and written directions

  • Ask student to repeat; check for understanding

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