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Tube Microphone in Studio

Are you interested in our media content?

At The Dyslexia Initiative we host various live content, but we save all of the recordings for continued access.

Here on this page you can link to all of our recorded content.  Just click the link below for what you are seeking to access and it will take you to the page you desire.

Please check back here for updates as we are always working on new content to help empower our community.


Come on over to our Facebook page, @DyslexiaInitiative, and join us for a Facebook Live (please check our Events page for sessions) where we discuss various topics about dyslexia, remediation, advocacy, and all other kinds of fun dyslexia stuff.


The video recordings are saved on our Facebook page as well as posted to our YouTube channel which is linked here.  You can subscribe to our YouTube channel, the link is in the footer of our page, or by double clicking on one of the videos, which will take you straight to our YouTube page. 


The audio of each session is also uploaded to our Podcast.  Don't forget to subscribe there too.

It is possible to teach our own children via the science of reading and this series will break down the language and how to. Hosted by Marvilene Hagopian.

Please go to our events page on Facebook or here on our website to register for our sessions.  Each session is free, but registration is required to access the live session on Zoom.  The video is loaded to our YouTube channel so don't forget to subscribe for updates and new postings.  You can subscribe to our YouTube channel, the link is in the footer of our page, or by double clicking one of the video sessions which will launch YouTube.

Here at The Dyslexia Initiative, we are constantly trying to provide as much information as we can to help you navigate this process. 


To that end, from time to time we air what we are calling, the IEP / 504 series.  It varies in topics but here you will find the videos we've generated thus far.  They range from organization to discussions with a Special Education attorney.  If you have specific topics you would like us to cover, please message our page either here or on Facebook, and we will cover as much information as we can.

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