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In the Classroom

The role of educator is not an easy one.  It is collectively recognized that the colleges across the country are not providing instruction in either dyslexia or the science of reading via structured literacy instruction.  There are some yes, a small list really, but the vast majority are not sharing this information.  What that means is to learn about the science of reading, meaning how the brain actually learns to read, requires personal time and sometimes personal investment.

Consider this page "under construction" and that it should be used in conjunction with the data across this website, but we wanted a place that is specifically focused on educators.  Our hope is that you find this a place to begin your journey to the #ScienceOfReading.

You've dedicated your life to children.  We thank you for your commitment and dedication.  Now, let us help you find a way to ensure all children learn to read.

Links to Structured Literacy:

Dysgraphia Knowledge:

Teacher Training Scholarship Sources:

IDA Accredited Teacher Training Programs (updated by DI on 9/17/21):

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