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Provider names / services listed within the directory are not endorsed by The Dyslexia Initiative.

The directory is meant to help parents find resources locally to them.  Being listed here does not mean that any of the service providers are endorsed by The Dyslexia Initiative and we do not take responsibility for the quality of services that are provided.  We always recommend a "Buyer Beware" attitude when it comes to seeking service providers.  Make sure you do your due diligence before hiring any service provider to ensure they have the necessary skill set, knowledge base to support the needs of your child and your family.  Sadly within the dyslexia community being cognizant of the skill set of the service provider is critical.  There are too many snake oil options that drain families of financial resources while not actually helping the child.  We will do what we can to monitor the database for some of these types of services, such as brain balancing and others.

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