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We exist to archive testimonies from the dyslexic community.








Anyone fighting for dyslexia rights.


The testimonies will be raw and unedited. These are their voices.


They may be angry, full of anxiety, sadness, or the inverse, they may be tales of great hope and success.


We are not here to judge.


Our role is to document, to be the witness.


Our world will not change if our voices are not heard.


This is the beginning of ensuring our voices are heard, loud and clear.


How to Become a Part of the Archive:

As of this moment there are three options for testimony submission:

1) We can schedule a time and record your testimony, interview style.

2) You are free to submit a pre-recorded video or verbal recording of your testimony.

3) You may submit a written document for us to publish


Our stories must be told.

We must be silent no longer.

To change the current reality in education and society for future generations, we must shed light on the past and the present.

This is our story, your story, and the world must listen.

How to Submit or Arrange Your Testimony:

Message the Facebook page @VoicesofDyslexia or email us at

Our Benefit:

We have no benefit for this endeavor.  There is no cost to you and we do not gain financially from this initiative.  We never will.  We simply want to spread awareness by sharing the truth, your truth.



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